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November 23, 2011

The first post - Back to basics

This is the first post of my brand new blog... I wanted to start with a post on some essentials that I have in my wardrobe. Hope you like it!

 dark wash flare jeans, because they are always flattering. They will make your legs look longer and slimmer, specially if you go for a dark wash. My favorites are J Brand, which I always buy online (, A cheaper alternative are Zara jeansthe fabric is just not as soft but they always fit perfectly. 

A v-neck cashmere sweater, because it's comfortable and chic . If you can, go for Eric Bompard, they are definitely the softest that I ever tried. But there are other options, Zara, Gap, Uniqlo offer good value for money. Cashmere sweaters will stay in your wardrobe for ages, I was looking at my cashmere sweaters the other day and I found one from early 2000 which my mother bought for me in Galeries Lafayette (yes, I was young back then)!!! This was when cashmere sweaters started to become affordable and everyone went crazy for cashmere and pashminas (do you remember that??).

A pair of comfortable wedge booties in which you should be able to walk for hours. These are from Topshop but if you are willing to invest in a great (but expensive) pair check

A delicate gold necklace for every day, like this initials coin necklace from Laura Lee. Mine has my two sons' initials, one on each side, I just love it!

A long flap wallet like the Chloe Marcie. I usually go out for a quick errand with just a wallet, for me it's like a handbag, so it's important to have a gorgeous and practical one. You can buy this one at, or a cheaper alternative from Mango.

Does this inspire you? What are your wardrobe essentials?

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