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December 18, 2011

All I want for Christmas is... a shoulder bag

As a mother of two I find shoulder bags to be very practical since I need to have my hands free when I go out with the boys. But even if you don't have kids, isn't a shoulder bag just perfect to go shopping or if you travel and carry luggage?
If you don't have a shoulder bag or at least a fashionable one (reminder: a nylon bag is NOT fashionable!), this is definitely a good item to ask your Santa :-)

1. Chloe Marcie messenger bag (buy at Matches Fashion here), 2. NEW Evelina Mulberry khaki satchel (buy here), 3. Gerard Darel "Retro" satchel (buy here), 4. Marc Jacobs Jane burgundy bag (buy at Mytheresa here), 5. Zara dark green messenger bag (buy here), 6. Miu Miu suede shoulder bag (buy at Net-a-Porter here), 7. Alexander Wang Marion bag (buy at Barneys here)

With these very different options I am sure you can find at least one shoulder bag for your taste. Chloe Marcie's messenger is like the entire Marcie collection, classic and beautiful design with the softest leather. Mulberry's Evelina satchel is a brand new bag from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection which you can already buy online, it will definitely become one of next year's hits. Gerard Darel's two tone satchel has this french chic look, can you resist? Marc Jacobs' Jane shoulder bag has the perfect burgundy color and vintage touch. Zara's green messenger bag is trendy and affordable. Miu Miu's two tone suede shoulder bag is... how can I put it in words... PERFECT. And Alexander Wang's Marion is still a hit after two seasons, I'm guessing it will continue to be popular for some time.

For me, I hesitate between the Chloe and the Miu Miu bags,  but I will have to make up my mind if I want Santa to get  it for me. How about you, do you have a shoulder bag? Which of these is your favorite?
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