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January 22, 2012

Flower jeans

Patterned jeans were quite popular in 2011 (my favorite were animal print), and this trend will continue in 2012, with patterns becoming crazier and crazier. One of the popular patterns you are likely to see very soon are flowers, premium denim brands are coming out with their exclusive designs and high street shops are rightly doing the same.

I've selected here some of my favorite styles: Citizens of Humanity's delicate designs on cream and navy, Paige's bright colorful flowers and MinkPink's Wisteria Lane jeans with more subtle grey and cream flowers.
Citizens of Humanity in navy and cream (, Paige USA (not out yet, thanks PAIGE USA for this picture !!!), MinkPink in Wisteria Lane (

As for how to style these jeans, this should be very easy. The key piece of your look will be these jeans, therefore you should keep the rest of your outfit neutral. I personally got topshop's flower jeans, as I couldn't resist the bright colors on black, and the affordable price... To style them I just wear a black or a cream sweater as you can see below. On the left I wore them with black cashmere sweater and on the right with a cream cable knit sweater and a denim shirt. On both picture I'm wearing Zara black wedges but biker boots also make a good combination.

I love both these looks, cannot really pick a favorite. How about you, what's your favorite?

What do you think about this trend, is this something you would wear?
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  1. I love Floral paterns!!!! Marta, para o teu comentario ser valido tens que deixar o teu email address!!! Thank you!!!

  2. i love these trousers! and you can even wear them through spring no? i'm not a pattern person but these are so particular!

  3. @vanda: merci :) ja voltei ao teu blog e deixei o email!

    @tanya: thanks babe, what a gorgeous picture!!!
    yes, I hope I will wear them through spring and summer but probably not to the office :)))

    xx Marta

  4. Olá Marta! Fiquei extremamente contente por er uma nova seguidora! <3 Obrigada!
    Quanto ao teu blog, adorei! É do mesmo estilo que o meu, por isso também te vou seguir aqui e no twitter!
    Um beijinho muito grande! Bom trabalho e boa sorte aí em Bruxelas!
    Good Love, Maf.

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