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January 15, 2012

How to wear your flare jeans to work...

As I am going back to work tomorrow after 6 months at home with my baby (!!!), I was inspired to talk about how to dress for work. As my office is rather conservative I know that I need to change my current "daily uniform" (skinny jeans, chunky sweater and biker boots) to a more polished look. I also realize that I probably won't be wearing my flower skinny jeans anymore during the week (future post alert: flower skinny jeans!). The perfect transition will be to continue wearing jeans (because I LOVE jeans), but more classic styles, like dark blue flare jeans.

As I mentioned in my first post, I think that a dark blue flare jeans is one of the basics you should have in your closet. You can wear them in very different ways to work, depending on your mood and/or the dress code in your office. Plus, you can quickly dress them up or down for other occasions and they are totally flattering!

My favorite flares in my wardrobe are the J Brand Babe Flare in dark blue wash. Look how great they look on a model's perfect body...

These jeans are perfect for me but there are other (more affordable) alternatives, like these ones from ASOS which I came across the other day.

Here are three different outfits which I will probably be wearing in the next coming weeks to the office... I realize that I have a lot of fun creating different looks with the same piece (like I did with the IRO Asella jacket), I guess I will do this more often.

I like all these looks but my favorite is the flower blouse and navy velvet blazer. I love this flower blouse which I got during the sales, it was really a great buy (for belgian readers: this blouse is still on sale 50% at Zara here).

How about you, do you wear flare jeans to work? How do you style them?
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  1. 50% off at zara is pretty nice :) lol i'm on a poor college student budget haha~ flared jeans aren't bad. i feel like jean styles always go in and out. i'm still trying to adjust to the whole flare jean trend (since i like my skinny jeans), but i like the looks you posted. they're really professional~ keep in touch <3


  2. thanks @marella, you're sweet :)

    @joyce: hey there! skinny jeans are great (and also basics) and for a student it's a great outfit :)


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