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January 7, 2012

The IRO Asella jacket

 When I first discovered the IRO Asella jacket several months ago I found it incredibly gorgeous. But as I had just given birth at that time and the only thing I wanted to wear was track pants and hoodies I didn't pay too much attention to it. Now that I am going back to work, and desperately need to find new work appropriate outfits I remembered my first love for the Asella jacket and decided that I had to have it.

The reason why I love this "rock Chanel-inspired" tweed jacket so much is because on top of being effortlessly on trend and timeless at the same time, it is also very versatile. This jacket is appropriate for almost any occasion, you can wear it to go out, to go the office or even on the weekends with a perfectly relaxed outfit. You can pair it with jeans, leather leggings or any other trousers, with a skirt or even over a dress. Plus, it has the right amount of glitter to go out while it is still subtle enough for a day in the office.When I received my Asella jacket in the mail I immediately tried it out with three different outfits and it felt right every time, here is the result (my favorite is happy hour, btw).

If you're not convinced yet, have a look at (a blog I love!) where the lovely Clara shows how to dress trendy for work and more. Clara wears the Asella jacket to perfection in very different (and inspiring) ways, check it out!

Even if the Asella is not the perfect jacket for you, there are plenty of other alternatives. A Chanel-inspired tweed jacket is always a good investment as you will wear it for a long time. Choose a glitter or lurex version to be just on trend or a no-shine tweed for a more classic look. Here is my selection, my advice is: get one during the winter sales (I mean NOW, if you're in Europe!).

What do you think about MY favorite? What is yours?

1. ASOS lurex jacket (here), 2. "Bijou" jacket from Comptoir des Cotonniers (here), 3. DKNY linen jacket  at Net-a-Porter (70%off now here), 4. Mango tweed jacket (not available online), 5. IKKS glitter jacket (here)
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  1. Thank you Marta ... I love the way you style the jacket. My favorite is "Happy hour" ;-)


  2. Excellent! Marta, tu sais ce que j'en pense ;-)
    J'aime bien la 2 aussi, note...

  3. Excellent! Je viens de m'en acheter une hier pendant les soldes qui ressembe à la 5 d'ailleurs ! Ton post tombe à pic. Je sais maintenant comment l'optimiser ;-). J'adore le look Happy Hour & Work!
    A quand ton homme photographe? ;-)

  4. @Clara: I'm happy you like it :)
    loved your neon top, looking forward to seeing your next outfit tonight! bjs :D

    @Celine: baaaaaabe!!! ah oui, le n°5 tu connais bien, hein??? gros bisous et à bientôt!

    @yeba: t'as bien fait, tu vas être canon!! mon homme photographe, il ne demande que ça en fait :) j'adore les blogs où les filles font des shootings mode mais ce n'est pas vraiment moi. je me prends en photo juste pour illustrer un post (s'il le faut). j'attends ton prochain post avec impatience, bizz :)

  5. AMAZING JACKET !! Love it

    Nice blog

    Peace from France

  6. Ho, merci beaucoup Marta pour ton commentaire, c'est très gentil! Ravie que les boots te plaisent ^^

    Je te follow aussi, du coup !

  7. Gorgeous ! Nice outfit !thanks for sharing us.I'll be glad If you visit this website true religion store.

  8. Love this jacket!!!! Cant find it anywhere


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