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January 28, 2012

Jerôme Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant - the perfect couple?

My two recent buys were a Jerôme Dreyfuss Carlos bag and Isabel Marant Dicker boots (thanks to Alexander from who patiently received and shipped the Dicker boots!).

Carlos bag in Vison and Dicker boots in taupe (2012 color)

They were not really supposed to match but when I wear them together it's like they were meant to be an inseparable couple, just like the real-life couple, Isabel Marant and accessories designer husband Jerôme Dreyfuss. I don't know if this power couple designs their collections together but there is something about these brands which makes them perfectly compatible.

I've also selected here my favorite items of their respective SS 2012 collections, in case you would like to invest in a Parisian chic piece or be inspired by it...

What do you think of my bag and boots? What  is your favorite piece of these collections?


Emerald belted dress (Etoile, La Garçonne), Bracelets (Net-a-Porter), Goddess dress (Etoile, La Garconne), Beige blazer (mytheresa), Pink quilted jacket (Etoile, Net-a-Porter)

 Pink kinny jeans (Etoile, Net-a-Porter), Jenny boots (Net-a-Porter), Denim shirt (Etoile, Net-a-Porter), silk skirt (matches fashion), sweatshirt (matches fashion)

 Canvas Carlos (jeromedreyfuss), Twee (jeromedreyfuss)

Popoche L (jeromedreyfuss), Billy (jeromedreyfuss)

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  1. Perfect match, indeed ;-)
    I'm in love with the Billy Curry (ordered it last week ...)

  2. Hello, how much were the shipping fees, from this eshop?

  3. @clara: hey lovely Clara!! you got the Billy Curry??? you're such a luck girl, looking forward to seeing it on you :) xx

    @marie: I guess you mean shipping fees were 15€ with UPS. they were really nice and professional and they have a huge selection (have an eye on a red mini Chloe Marcie bag)

    xx Marta

  4. Just checked out, love the site. I already hv my eyes on some pieces (ok, more like many). Like you said, they do hv a nice huge collection. Thanks for sharing! Love the shoes, I hv been looking for something like that for myself.

  5. Hum, you're right, I love the both as you know :)

  6. @alyssa: be careful with this german shop, it's the devil :) have you made up your mind with the lanvin bag? xx Marta

    @valentina: yes, I know :)

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