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January 10, 2012

My 2012 wishlist

Following Emi's blog and, I found this idea of sharing our 2012 top 10 wish list in our blogs really cool (which also makes a very easy blog post). It was just difficult to select my favorite 10 items...

What do you think of my list?

1. Nude Louboutin pumps (Pigalle or Simple pump)

2. Missoni bikini for our mexican trip in April... (

3. Cartier love bracelet, not original AT ALL, I know, I know... but this is MY wish list!! After being the perfect wife for more than 5 years and having had two lovely boys I think I deserve it (right, DH?)

4. Khaki Dicker Isabel Marant , last year I was pregnant and had my feet so swollen I couldn't even try these on, now that my feet are back to normal I need my IM fashion fix from last year! (

5. MiH Light blue flare jeans, I want to look like Farrah Fawcett in the '70s (so yes, I'm going back to being a blonde too!) (

6. A bright colored mini bag like the Proenza Schouler pouch in Coral (I will probably get a cheaper version, but a girl can dream!) (

7. A neon sweater like this mint Acne sweater (sorry guys, this is the third time I show this sweater. in the blog... you can see how much I love it) (

8. Complete my bracelets collection with charm bracelets, cuffs and more... inspired by Leandra (

9. Fluoro jeans from AG, neon yellow or neon pink (

10. Cat-eye sunglasses like this Prada pair (

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  1. Le bonheur non de se faire une petit liste et de tenter de s'y tenir pour l'année. Au moins ça fixe nos objectifs mode :o)

    Merci pour la mention...


  2. great selections! I am totally wanting them all too!

  3. Les chaussures sont superbes! J'adore....
    Angela Donava

  4. @dorothydancing: l'important c'est se tenir à ses obj après (pas facile!) bizz

    @Miss Molly: you have good taste :)

    @Crystal: merci!

    @Angela: ah, les chaussures... on n'en a jamais assez :)

    1. Très jolie ta collection de bracelets! J'adore! Bizarrement, je ne peux commenter chez toi qu'en faisant un "reply" à un commentaire existant! ;(

  5. nice wishlist!! love the bracelets and THE NEON JEANS<3 ! hahaha those are definitely on my wishlist as well! i want a pair of cat eye sunglasses but people already think i have a mean face...*SIGHHH* @_@ i guess i'd just stick to my regular oversized sunglasses, lol!

    alex @

  6. @deadlyinlove: i love Leandra's bracelets, always crazy and fun!

    @alex: hi Alex, I've seen your picture on your blog and I think you can go ahead with the cat-eye sunglasses!!

    xx Marta


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