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January 30, 2012

Neon yellow by Alexander Wang

I love Alexander Wang and his basic tees and dresses, these are the basics you should own in your wardrobe. Usually his collections are quite monochrome, blacks, greys and whites are everywhere and you often don't see more than that. This year he surprised us with an interpretation of neon-yellow in several pieces and aren't we happy that he did, thank you Mr Wang !

Neon cotton sweater (farftech), Mélangé mini dress (Net-a-Porter), Mélangé long dress (boutique1), Hooded sweater (Net-a-porter), Skirt (Net-a-Porter)

Most of the items are a "mélangé" of grey and neon-yellow which makes theses pieces perfectly wearable even for those of us not really sure about the neon trend. He also created more flashy pieces in real neon-yellow which are just as perfect but you probably need to be more adventurous to try them out. My favorite piece has to be the skirt, the cut is not new, you probably already saw it in previous seasons in black or grey, but this cut in this color is just perfection.

I have caught two of my favorite bloggers wearing this gorgeous skirt and they do it justice, they look spectacular!

Walinette from

Walinette is a french blogger, she always knows how to wear new trends and has really a style of her own as you can see from the neon necklace she's wearing.

The fashion guitar
Charlotte from

Charlotte is a dutch blogger living in London and her looks are impressive, can you even tell that this girl just gave birth a few weeks ago?

What do you think about neon yellow, do you agree with me that Alexander Wang captured this trend well?

Which piece of the collection is your favorite?
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  1. What style love it!

  2. OMG now I want that skirt! Love the neons.


  3. Thanks for the feature! I love it :)


  4. @clara: oh, thank you!

    @sibyl: yes, who doesn't want that skirt, right? :)

    @valentina: ah, je sens que tu vas craquer !!! xx

    @charlotte: I'm so glad you liked it!!


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