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February 29, 2012

The sports tee-shirt

Fashion is a cyclic process and you will find similar trends coming and going through the seasons. This year, a trend which is making its comeback is sports. Every time there is a big sports event you see the fashion world getting inspired by it and this year it is no exception. With the Olympic Games coming up it was expected to see several brands going for the sporty look.

Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2012 (source:

T by Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2012 (source:

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS12 (source:

I honestly have nothing against the sports trend but I am personally not really into it. It's probably because I'm in my 30s and wearing this to work is a NO NO. The only chance I would probably get to wear this trend would be on a sunday afternoon in the park walking the dog with the boys and the husband, but as I'm not really Sporty Spice even then it would probably be a no.

One thing that I could wear though (on the weekends) is a loose numbered tee-shirt as found in Isabel Marant's runway. With rolled cuff skinny jeans and sneakers you have a fun relaxed look, or with jeans and sky-high heels you're good to go out, if you dare. The best alternative to IM's top is for me the sleeveless Zara tee-shirt, I find it really cool.

How about you, what do you think about the sports trend ? And how about the numbered tee, would you wear it ?
From left to right: sleeveless black top (Zara), green cropped tee (Topshop), rugby top (Isabel Marant, not on sale yet source: my daily edition), Wildfox white long top (Shopbop)

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  1. I can't see myself doing the sporty thing, it's not me but if I was going to a game or something with a boy I could see it maybe happening.

  2. Hi Ria, thanks for your comment :)
    You're right, for a sports event it would look really cool !!

  3. moi je suis assez fan je dois dire mais pas en total look, faut dire suis aussi assez sportive à la base et ai la chance de ne pas avoir de dress code au travail. Biz valentina

  4. Coucou Valentina! toi , tu es une vraie sportive, du jogging tous les jours par tous les temps, j'admire :) je verrais bien comment tu vas porter cette tendance ! xx Marta

  5. N'etant pas du tout sportive je vais m'abstenir, je prefere suivre la tendance robes a fleurs, mais sur les autres j'aime assez les sweats. Et je porte tout de meme des baskets!

  6. Ah quand même, tu portes des baskets :) moi, même pas ! Je suis un peu comme toi, je vais préférer d autres tendances avant de passer au sport !! Bon week-end :))

  7. J'ai acheté le gris chez Zara et je dois dire qu'avec un jeans, il est vraiment pas mal. Maintenant, il sera adoucit par une touche féminine, car le total look sportif, ce n'est pas trop ma tasse (tout comme les Willow, qui doivent se porter décalés).

  8. Oui, le t-shirt Zara c'est pour moi le plus canon, bon choix Marie ! C'est sûre que pour aimer porter le total look sportif il faut être Sporty Spice. Et j'adore comment tu portes les Willow, sauf que celles-là ne sont pas pour moi :) bon weekend xx

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