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February 24, 2012

The ACNE Alice shoes

I'm so intrigued about these shoes that I have to talk about them. I honestly don't know if I like them or not. For me and my lifestyle, mother of one baby and one toddler running around all day and working full time in an rather conservative place, these are clearly not my daily choice of shoes but besides that I'm not sure that I like them at all. Even if I was a single woman working as an independant fashion editor and taking a taxi all day long, would I be wearing these ? I'm not so sure...

ACNE Alice shoes (source:

For me a pair of shoes should be comfortable, or even if they are not so comfortable they should at least  make you look sexy, classy, edgy or something, right...?

And these shoes, honestly, besides making you look taller they are not particularly flattering. Ok, the color is gorgeous, the silk looks luxurious, the shape is original (well maybe not so original if we look at Celine's runway show of Spring/Summer 2012), but what else ? Forget all about where they come from, instantly I tend to consider everything from ACNE gorgeous so I look at them objectively and (try to) forget that this cool swedisch brand is behind these shoes to really say if I like them or not.

ACNE Alice shoes in action (source:

Fashionistas all over the world are going crazy about these, I see them in so many blogs and in fashion weeks pictures which intrigues me and makes me wonder why are these such a hit.

Columbine wearing Alice shoes (source:

Caroline wearing Alice shoes (source:

Chiara rocking the Alice shoes (source:

Iris from Fashion Zen also has a pair (source:
Sania loves them even upside down (source:

All these girls are amazingly beautiful and stylish so anything they put on looks instantly cool on them, but if I take the perspective of us common mortals and decide how to consider these shoes in "real life", I have to say that I don't really like them so much (although I'm sure my older boy would find them fantastic!). But let's see, when it comes to fashion my taste and style are constantly evolving so you never know if you won't find me wearing a Zara copy of these some months from now...

How about you, I would really like to know how you feel about these shoes, please share !
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