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February 7, 2012

"Marta, portrait d’une shopping addict…" - by Yeba

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Yeba from Fashionbyeba asked me if she could write an article about myself and Fashion Caramel. I was not really sure, but as this was a good opportunity to get together again after so long I couldn't really refuse. I knew Yeba from university and the last time we had spoken was more than 10 years again. At that time we were just not that close, but a few months ago we both created our blogs at the exact same time and this coincidence brought us together. It was so much fun to meet her again after so long and realizing that in the end we have so many things in common. I am the first "fashionista" (as she calls me!) she interviewed, she will continue doing so every month, I wonder who she will meet next...

You can read Yeba's article here (sorry guys, it's in french!)

PS: Yeba, if you're reading: THANKS again, babe ! xx Marta

PPS: Yes, it's me on the picture !
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  1. Je découvre ton blog via Clara the working girl, car tu as parlé de Bruxelles! Je suis française habitant depuis peu à Bruxelles; ton blog est plein d'infos fashion, j'aime! A +

  2. coucou Sylvie, bienvenue à Bruxelles alors :) je vais passer te dire bonjour sur ton blog ! xx

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