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February 27, 2012

The mint green top

 Mint top - JCrew
Skinny jeans and jersey blazer (old) - Zara
Boots - Isabel Marant
Neon bracelet - ASOS
Star necklace - Charlotte Lu
Nails - Essie mint candy apple  

Spring is coming and for the first time I could feel it ! Yesterday the weather in Brussels was great, amazing blue sky and a sun warm as 11°C (yeah !!). To celebrate this I paired my winter uniform (the not so original grey skinny jeans and ankle boots) with a mint top to brighten up the outfit. I think it worked, at least my son and husband loved it...

What do you think ?

Mint green is a great color, and I have been wanting to try it for some time. Initially I thought of getting an ACNE sweater (here), but in the end I started with a relaxed tee, a more affordable option. I love this tee from JCrew, it's simple and comfortable. The color is a bright mint and not at all a pastel mint but this is what I was looking for as I am not so sure that the pastel mint is for me. If you're looking for a mint top here are some more ideas.

How about you, what are you wearing to celebrate Spring ?

From top left to bottom right: lattice back tee (miss selfridge), basic boxy t-shirt (newlook), Kain top (netaporter), burnout tee (topshop), top boite (tara jarmon), knit t-shirt (topshop)

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  1. I like your look! This green mint is so fresh!

  2. thanks Marlene ! yes, this color is refreshing an really makes you feel the winter is finished, yeahh !! xx

  3. I am craaaaazy about mint green at the moment! Spot on! This outfit is very simple & chic, too :)

    Love from Australia

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

  4. très joli look ! j'aime beaucoup la touche de couleur menthe.
    j'aime le top tara jarmon !

  5. tres tres joli, ça donne envie d'en avoir un de cette couleur!

  6. @S+T: hi australia !!! thanks, yes, I was going for the simple neutral outfit with a touch of color, I' glad you liked it.

    @excess bagage mode: obrigada Mayte !

    @Anne: merci ! j'ai enfin osé un look pour le blog :) le top tara jarmon est magnifique, j'aime aussi.

    @valentina: oui, c'est une superbe couleur, difficile de la rater cette année :)

  7. J'adore ce look, gros coup de cœur (faut dire que j'adore le gris, le mint green et les bottines isabel marant alors c'était gagné d'avance lol), tu as bien fait d'enfin oser poster un look sur le blog :)

  8. ah, merci Claire :) j'ai vraiment bcp hésité car je n'étais pas sûre si c'était la direction que je voulais que le blog prenne mais voilà, c'est fait ! xx

  9. Le Tara Jarmon me plaît beaucoup. N'ai pas encore cette couleur dans mon dressing; j'espère seulement que ça va aux blondes...

  10. Je suis sûre que oui, fonce !! bizz

  11. I love your outfit and the green top

  12. J'aime beaucoup les couleurs de ce look, et la petite boots I.M apporte une petite touche que j'adore!

  13. Hi Marta!! :D
    Thanks for stopping by my reactivated blog - had to add your blog to my new list (my old one disappeared, hm) so I'm stopping by more often :)
    Beautiful shirt and color - and it goes beautiful with the shades of grey! Good choice and brilliant idea to combine it to one outfit! The blazer looks like I. Marant Etoile (this one I've missed to buy and now searching it all over...) - may I ask what color the Dicker boots are? I own them in camel but was looking for another pair apart of taupe (great color, but already have too many pairs in taupe suede ;) )

  14. @lina: thanks !

    @marie: merci, c'est vrai que ces boots IM vont bien avec tout, je cherche encore le look avec lequel je ne pourrais pas les porter :)

    @modediktat: hey !! good to have you, hope you'll pass by again soon :) The dicker boots are this season's taupe which is in fact a grey/brown mushroom. I was initially looking for last year's taupe so was a bit disappointed when these came out but in the end I find them way more versatile than the previous. but if you have many pairs in taupe, you maybe should go for the anthracite ? I think they're gorgeous ! xx Marta

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