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March 31, 2012

The flower trousers overdose

Ilanka and Joy

Today I want to talk to you about flower trousers, and to be specific, about H&M flower trousers. If you follow fashion blogs or if you have been to an H&M store lately you cannot have missed this particular print. They are not all the same, some are from the Trend collection while others are from the regular collection but to be honest with you, they all look the same to me. It is not that I don't like these trousers, it is the quite the opposite, but the fact that everyone seems to own a pair makes me want to boycot the whole trend. I'm not saying that I never fall for something which everyone is wearing (I got my YSL Arty ring and my IM dicker boots long after they were seen everywhere !), but seeing blogger after blogger posting pictures with the same pair of trousers for weeks is a major turn off.

Kim and Stine

Sonja and Sarah

This is just a sample, I can assure you that there are many more blogs featuring these trousers. I'm not blaming these bloggers for liking the same piece, they al have great style, I'm just saying that objectively speaking after seeing these trousers everywhere makes it impossible for me to buy a pair. I'm even considering selling my topshop flower jeans because they remind me too much of these...

Yamilla and Georgiana
Lhenzi and Nanooosh

f I had to choose a pair of flower trousers I would go for the more subtle print of these H&M Trend trousers inspired by Mary Katrantzou catwalk look. The fashion community also adhered to these as you can see it on Carolina, Sania, Clochet and Charlotte but to a lesser (and acceptable) extent.

Mary Katrantzou SS12 (source: and H&M Tend flower trousers
Carolina and Sania

Clochet and Charlotte

How about you, what do you think about the flower trousers ? Are you into these trend and do you have any H&M floral trousers in your wardrobe (I will not judge, I promise) ? Which one is your favorite ?

Happy weekend, girls ! xx

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  1. ben moi un peu comme toi, déjà pas très fleurs à la base mais là trop de fleurs tuent les fleurs:)

  2. Good thoughts!! What happens to me is that I get tired of seeing the same pieces in blogs but then the reality is that I don't see those pieces on the street. This has happened to me with a Mango jumper that Kate Moss wears on the campaign, I have seen it in sooo many blogs but then never on the street so I've decided to keep it and don't show it on my blog...not yet at least, I don't know if this makes sense's just not to bored my readers!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for featuring me on FashionCaramel!!

  3. @valentina: on se comprend :) bizz

    @clochet: It does makes sense, dear ! I had the same feeling before buying my dicker boots, I saw them in every fashion blog and hesitated a lot but in the end I never saw someone wearing them in real life. And you're welcome for featuring you in the blog :) xx

  4. Bon d'accord, on le voit partout ce pantalon. mais il est porté de tant de façons différentes que ça ne me choque pas (pas encore d'overdose). J'ai acheté un pantalon fleuri chez Essentiel, et je l'aime tellement (je l'ai porté une fois, haha), que j'ai téléphoné à la boutique pour qu'on me mette une autre couleur de côté.

  5. Je trouve ces pantalons canon je penses que j'ai vais craquer pour un modèle pour cette été.
    Comme le dit Clochet on les voit surtout sur les blogs mais pas aux quatre coins des rues :)
    Si tu aimes vraiment le tiens garde le et ne le poste pas ici ,)

    Bonne fin de week-end

  6. @marie: je comprends ce que tu veux dire, mais tu me diras quand ce sera l'overdose pour toi, hein ? les pantalons essentiel ont une super coupe et la soie est magnifique, mais leurs imprimés ne sont pas pour moi. Mais tu as bien fait de réserver un deuxième, quand on trouve un pantalon parfait pour nous il ne faut pas le laisser filer ! xx

    @jenny-kate: c'est vrai, on ne les voit pas (encoreà partout dans la rue mais j'avoue que j'ai déjà vu un dans la rue en allant au bureau. Ca m'a d'ailleurs un peu surpris, ce n'est pas trop le look habituel du quartier d'affaires où je travaille ;)

  7. This is HILARIOUS. I actually don't follow that many blogs that do lots of outfit shots so I hadn't even realized this phenomenon! You have documented it so well. I totally know what you mean about seeing something on so many blogs and then feeling over it. It's so bizarre. I often feel like I'm 'over' something before real people have even started wearing it on real streets - just from seeing the same thing all over street style blogs, websites, blogs etc.

    I find that pieces from H&M and Zara tend to get blogged to death - just because they are often quite trendy and relatively cheap.

    I think I will be digging into the floral print trouser look soon. I really love the idea of printed trousers (especially jeans). As I tend to wear quite simple things it's a really easy and low maintenance way to inject a bit of colour/interest into an outfit. Hahaha... I am WAY too lazy. The less effort something requires the better.


  8. Hey Jen, so cool to see you here, you mean mean girl !!!
    I see what you mean about being "over" something which hasn't hit the streets yet, just because you see it "everywhere". But this sounds so snobbish of us, right ? Ah fashion bloggers...
    On the print jeans, you should totally go for it, they will suit you laid back style and your converse all stars !! xx

  9. I have a pair of those first pair of floral trousers and I had them long before other Belgian bloggers had 'em. And yes, I'm confident enough to say it. Wore them to the Big You event (which was in early March), hosted by UPR and got tons of questions about where I got 'em and they suddenly started to pop up everywhere.

    I definitely see what you mean. Don't feel like wearing them anymore because it seems like I'm the one copying them. But lets face it: those two toned floral pants from H&M Trend are quite as popular. Can't stand the sight of them anymore, which was the reason I went for the pair of trousers in your first pictures. Too bad they're doing the same now.

    Great article, though. You surely have a point!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

    1. Hi Krizia! You are right, at this point both styles have been overblogged, I honestly don't like any of them anymore. It's such a pity that everyone seems to be blogging about the same items... Thanks so much for passing by and for the compliment ;) xx

  10. this is the reason why i sold my whole floral outfit... When i saw this i was sold! but you are right you see it everywhere! Thats the reason i didnt want to wear it at all again! So i admit the cheap H&M floral suit was my biggest mistake! haha but the trend one is now my favourite hopefully this will not be such a big hype!;)


  11. Hi Yamilla, thanks so much for your comment ! Honestly, I think both styles have been seen too much lately, if I was you I would try a different trend... Flowers are great but after the hype has passed these prints will look like old fashioned curtains ;) xx

  12. hi!
    well thats your opinion!but you cant walk away from every trend.(H&M is worldwide and for everybody)and ofcourse its sometimes a disappointment when i see it popping up everywhere. But its just: you like it or you don't! just like the Uggs....

  13. Sure, that was just my opinion ;) And don't get me wrong, I ve fallen for flowers this season too (and more than once )! I was just saying that if you already have a flowers suit it would be better to try a different trend and not invest in a second flower suit. My opinion is that this trend is not going to age well ! But again that was only my opinion too ;)

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