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March 15, 2012

The rose gold shoes

It's no news that rose gold is a major trend in jewelry and you might even have already fallen for it with a watch or a piece of jewelry. Honestly I haven't, my jewelry is still either yellow gold or silver but I've been lusting over a rose gold watch for some time (Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs, the big dilemna).

Now, have you seen the rose gold SHOES ??
Columbine Smille

Columbine is wearing Alexander Wang shoes from last fall's collection but these are far from being outdated.
I like this trend because it's something different from the traditional silver and yellow gold shoes that we've being wearing for years and I always love when fashion brings something new.

I wouldn't wear rose gold shoes with destroy jeans as Columbine does, I think she looks great but she's a fierce fashionista not a common girl like most of us. I would rather wear these with black skinny jeans and a neutral blazer to make the shoes the outfit focus and keep the rest neutral.

If you're into it this trend there are many options, here are some, I hope they inspire you !

From top left: Tory Burch Reva flat sandals (not available online), Rose gold straps sandals (zara), Studded slippers (sam edelman), Flat sandals (topshop), Oxford shoes (maison martin margiela at saks), Ivanka Trump stilettos (piperlime)

From top left: Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (shoebox), Jean-Michel Cazabat pumps (endless), Chloe ballet flats (netaporter), Mellow Yellow flats (sarenza), Marc by Marc Jacobs small wedge sandals (shopbop), Corso Como sandals (nordstrom)

What do you think about this trend ?

My favorite shoes from this selection have to be Zara's sandals for the minimalist design and Sam Edelman's studded slippers for the rock vibe. What are yours ?

xx Marta

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  1. hum moi aussi j'aime beaucoup les sams edelman avec les studs, belle slection!

  2. merci :) j'aurais pu parier que celles-ci seraient tes préférées, les plus rock ! xx

  3. Je vote pour les sandales Giuseppe Zanotti. Sur peau hâlée, elles doivent être à tomber.

  4. j'adore !!! elles sont superbes ces chaussures avec un coup de coeur pour les oxford shoes et les chloé ballets flat

  5. Hi Marta! How are you? Hope you're feeling better and the Mr as well.
    Thanks for your sweet comment to my ZARA jeans posting! :-D Well, the Current/Elliott leopard jeans is great, but nothing for me - you know when you like an item but it's not made for you. I like it, but it's not my style unfortunately. The mature (not talking about getting older, lol) you get, the more you come to realize what works good for you and what emphasize your style best, the more you quit on experiments or trends. Since I've decided to spend less in clothes (and to the left and to the right) I'm going for long term stuff.
    Leading me to your actual posting! I was already admiring these heels at ZARA, too! The color is just beautiful, isn't it? I think the most wearable could be taken out of the ZARA's since there are some metallic highlights and not too much of metallic at all.
    Happy weekend to you!
    Sofie xx

  6. @marie: oui , elles sont canon, mais le prix, aouch !!! xx

    @anne: merci :) tu ne choisis pas les plus abordables, hein ?

  7. Hi lovely Sophie !!! Zara's heels are just gorgeous, I don t know how they do it but most times I prefer Zara's version of trends rather than the original designer item. I see what you mean about longer term pieces though, I m trying to do it more and more as well but sometimes I just fall for a trendier item like the leopard jeans. They re expensive but sooo worth it ! Take care xxx

  8. I just found your via your comment on the "working girl" blog - and i really like how you do your posts with these suggestions where to find similar items!
    for what concerns these rose gold shoes, I'd love to have peep-toes in this color!!

    xxx Anita

    and p.s. I follow you via bloglovin (i'm the one behind no. 7!) - perhaps you find some time to visit my blog too?

  9. Hi Anita, thanks for your message :) I'll visit your blog now xx Marta

  10. Hi! I just came across your blog! I love this post so much! I'm addicted to rose gold this season as well! Just did a post on rose gold and linked your post, haha.. That's how I found your post actually! Searching for rose gold photos! ^^ Loved reading, am definitely following =))

    1. oh, forgot to mention I'm following using bloglovin =D

  11. Hey there ! thanks for stopping by, it's always a pleasure. I'm going to check you blog now :) xx


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