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April 10, 2012

The flare jeans - again

Marrakesh flare jeans - Mih
Top (2011) - Comptoir des Cotoniers
Wedges (old) - Zara
Psychedelic Vinyl nail wraps - NCLA

One of the few jeans I packed for the holidays were my new MiH flares and I’m so happy that I did. I’m more and more convinced that a pair of flare jeans go with everything, you just need to find the right pair of shoes to wear them with (I hemmed mine to go with a pair of Zara wedges) and you can wear anything on top. I’m still trying to find a top in my wardrobe which will not suit these jeans... Here I wear them with a Comptoir des Cottonniers top which I got for my birthday last year but haven’t had to chance to wear until now (it was a gift from my friend C, thanks babe !). A few weeks ago I wore them with a pink neon sweater but they were too long back then. In the meantime I found a taylor who hemmed them to perfection, if you live in Brussels and need a reference ask me.
I’m also wearing my latest nail obsession, “psychadelic vinyl “ nail wraps from NCLA. I love NCLA nail wraps but I don’t wear them a lot back home as sporting original nail art is not on my office’s dress code. This design is my current favorite and I love how the 70s vibe suits my flare jeans. And if you look how popular these were when I posted a picture on Instagram you see that I’m not the only one loving them.
How about you, do you have a pair of jeans which go with everything ? And what do you think about these nail wraps, would you fall for them ?
xx Marta (still in Mexico)

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  1. alors le flare il te fait un silhouette d'enfer, le vernis ou le patch je ne sais pas je trouve ça drôle mais ne le ferais pas tous les jours:)

  2. Oui, j adore ce flare aussi ! Les ongles j adoremais comm toi je ne pourrais pas les porter tous les jours... xx

  3. Great look!!! A good pare of flare jeans are not very easy to find - some called "flare" and when you've tried it one you recognize - no, it's definitely a bell bottom which is most of the time quite ridiculous!
    Some years ago I've invested in two pairs of J Brand Lovestory. I also took them to holiday - and there goes nothing about flare leg jeans while on holiday!
    No to nail wraps, also not to nail color for me (apart of the toes...) - I don't know why but the feeling of wearing nail polish is disturbing to me. If using I'll go for transparent or with a very soft shade of rosé here :)

  4. Mon jeans préféré est aussi le Marrakesh (mais en foncé) et aussi le Nudie slim. Je les met sans arrêt. Une fois qu'on a trouvé "son" jeans, c'est un réel bonheur.

  5. J'adore ce style de jean et pourtant ce qui est drôle c'est que j'en porte peu !
    Il serait tant que j'y mette ! Pour ma part, mon jean préféré est troué de partout !

    Belle soirée et profite bien du beau soleil... Bises.

  6. @modediktat: hey Sof, thanks for your comment :) I also have a pair of J Brand flares which I adore, it s the babe not the lovestory but J Brand is definitely my favorite jeans brand. Tale care xx

    @marie: tout à fait, quand on a le jeans parfait il ne faut pas le lacher. La marque Nudie je ne connais pas, il faut que j en essaie. Et tu as raison pour le MiH, le tissu se donne beaucoup, mais je lui pardonne :))

    @margaux: merci Margaux !! C est normal que ton jeans préféré soir troué, quand on aime on use et abuse ;) à bientôt !!

  7. Très beau ce flare, il te va super bien!
    Je suis à la recherche du flare parfait j'en voudrais un claire et un foncé :)

    XO Jenn


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