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April 8, 2012

The Missoni bikini

A Missoni bikini has been on my wish list for a very long time but because in the past 3 years I have been pregnant for 18 months, breastfeeding for another 6 and trying to get back in shape during the remaining 12, let's say that the Missoni bikini was not a priority... But 2012 seemed to be the YEAR of the Missoni bikini and has I had it on my 2012 wish list (again) I recently bought mine to be ready for the holidays.

I chose a bold print, a mix of electric blue, grass green and turquoise and it really is as gorgeous as I hoped for it to be. The only thing bothering me is that it seems to be quite delicate and reading by the care instructions I need to be really careful with it, which usually I am not. I will have to let you know if I managed to keep it as perfect at the end of my holidays and if it was a good idea to buy such a delicate piece...(wait, did I forget to tell you I was on holidays ??).

My bikini is still available here but I made a selection of other Missoni bikinis available online if you are looking to get inspired and some alternatives if you like the zig-zag print but are not willing to invest on the original one.

From top left: Missoni bikinis (netaporter, netaporter, mytheresa, netaporter), Adriana Degreas (im-hm resort), Quick Silver (zalando), Anna & Boy (clikini), Inca (blue heaven)

How about you, do you own a Missoni bikini or do you have one on your wishlist ? Or do you find it really stupid to buy delicate swimwear ??? (I could relate to that...)

Happy Sunday Easter ! xx
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  1. Alors là,si je comprends bien tu as eu deux enfants en 3 ans et tu as une ligne top Marta! Bien raison de te faire plaisir! Moi suis pas trop bikini, j'adore l'eau mais pour nager donc c'est speedy, arena and co:) mais ceux là sont tres jolis

  2. Coucou Marta,

    Waouw tu es si loin & tu réussis à nous faire des posts! Tu es surprenante.
    Pour t'avoir vue en personne, je dois dire à tes lectrices qu'effectivement, tu as une ligne d'enfer. Un vrai mannequin! Impossible de dire que tu as eu deux enfants et que depuis peu! La vie est injuste ;-)))).
    Profite bien du soleil, des bons cocktails & de ta famille surtout :-)
    Merci pour les photos sur


  3. J'allais oublier...j'adore le modèle de bikini que tu as choisi...Les couleurs sont top top top!! j'aurais choisi le même!!! Bisous. Yeba

  4. Ah les filles, vous exaggerez !!! Je suis contente que vous aimiez mon choix de couleurs et je confirme, le bikinii a du succes au Mexique ;) bises !!

  5. Effectivement, il va falloir faire attention à l'entretien de ton bikini. Comme je ne suis pas très attentive à l'entretien de mes maillots, je me cantonne au Princesse Tam Tam qui est bien assez cher comme ça. Mais un petit Eres ou un Missoni me plairaient bien.... Bel achat.

  6. Marta, your blog is incredibly amazing! And so inspiring! Following you! <3

    Lots of love,
    Katrina Bay

    Pumps & Kicks

    Giveaway Collection at

  7. @marie: tu me comprends alors... Un petit eres ce sera mon prochain ;)

    @katrina: thanks !!

  8. Hi sweet Marta,
    wow.... chapeau to two pregnancies within three years! And congrats, happy mommy you are!
    Missoni bikini's are really cute. That reminds me of listing a Missoni hat I have in stock since a while now... Ooops! Thanks for reminding me.
    I've purchased some bikinis by LA PERLA years ago - they're still beautiful and my preferred ones. One has an embellished triangle top and sparkles in the sunshine. It's def my no 1!
    Happy Wednesday, dear!
    Sof xx

  9. Oooo, amazing! I LOVE Missoni but I would definitely feel a bit reluctant about the super delicate fabric. I'd be afraid the bum would get all scratched or worn. But, if you're planning to do more lounging than rough play in the sand then I'm sure it will be totally fine.

    It's super luxurious and definitely the sort of thing that is worthy of dreaming of for three years! I'd definitely love to wear one!

    p.s. love the colour you went for! xx

  10. Marta, moi je ne jure que par Eres pour les maillots et pain de sucre pour les bikinis... j'ai un missoni, mais il était indiqué "do not use in swimming pool" no kidding!! Du coup, je ne l'ai pas trop rentabilisé... Tu as essayé le tien à la piscine? Il est tjs ok?

    1. oui, j'ai essayé, et il s'en est bien sorti ;)

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