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May 1, 2012

The flowers blazer

Flowers blazer - Zara
Destroyed skinny boyfriend jeans - 7 for all mankind (different wash)
Ankle strap heels - Zara

I bought this blazer in March and hesitated for a long time if I should keep it or not. I finally didn't return it but I'm still not very sure. I don't think I will wear it very often but today for someone reason it felt right.

It seems that this year I'm obsessed with flowers, I just realised that this is the fifth time I mention flowers in the blog, I have talked about flowers last winter, flower jeans, flower trousers, flower shorts (just last week) and now the flower blazer. After the blazer maybe I should give the flowers theme a rest for a while !
And you, have you fallen for flowers this season ?

xx Marta
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  1. This flower blazer is perfection! X

  2. j'adore je préfère les fleurs en noir et blanc et ces talons tu m'épates!!! Et ce tee... bref...

  3. Love the blazer!! full of flowers but the colors make it more wearable!

  4. @lola: thanks so much :)

    @valentina: merci miss, je pense aussi, le blanc et noir casse le cote romantique ! xx

    @clochet: thanks ! It is definitely more wearable than the colored version :)

  5. This blazer is so original :)
    I love it!

  6. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for passing by ! xx

  7. "And you, have you fallen for flowers this season ?"
    - ""

    Honestly this jacket is a keeper and looks great here with the jeans, the shirt and heels!
    Putted very well together for a relaxed chic look! I like!

    I fulfilled my long term wish and went for some more Isabel Marant (Bandana Printed pants) I found on Ebay! Wow. Red pair of pants. That's a novum in my world and color palette ;)

  8. Great outfit! Lovely blazer :)
    Your shoes are amazing!

    XO Jenn

  9. Thanks, dear ! I am happy that I got these shoes, they will be my go-to shoes this Summer ;) xx

  10. Trop joli ce blazer! J'ai envie de m'acheter un beau blazer, une pièce forte qui habille la tenue, mais je n'ai encore jamais trouvé le blazer de mes rêves ^^

  11. Je comprends, le blazer est un basique qui complete une tenue. A part celui-ci à fleurs, je suis ravie de mon blanc (aussi zara de cete saison). Je te conseille d aller chez zara, je trouve qu ils sint vraiment bien coupés. Bises

  12. Yes we have;-) your blazer Marta.

  13. Thanks Ev, you're a dear ;) xx

  14. Tu as bien fait de le garder ;)
    Et ta tenue est juste parfaite !


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xx Marta