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May 11, 2012

The scarf print - L'imprimé foulard

Prints are one of the biggest trends this season and scarf prints seem to be on their way to becoming the most popular of them. A scarf print is a print which you would typically see on a classic scarf, like an Hermès scarf. This season your entire wardrobe could look like an Hermès scarf and who can say no to that ?

(To snob your friends call it a foulard print, scarf in french, the new trendy word to describe a scarf print)

sources: Style me Romy and Vogue

D&G SS 2012
H&M SS 2012

The scarf print... scarf

The easiest way to adopt this trend is to wear a silk scarf (yes, that easy !). You might already have one in your wardrobe so there is no spending involved to be right on trend which is always a good thing for our credit card.

Sources: Chiara and Hermes

The scarf print blouse

Wearing a silk blouse with jeans seems to be the winning combo amongst fashion bloggers, wear a silk blouse with destroyed boyfriend jeans to be super trendy or with white jeans for a chic look to the office.

Soraya, Charlotte and Camille

Maria, Krystal and Blair

The scarf print shorts

Shorts are probably the most versatile way of wearing the scarf print. As you can see on the pictures below the scarf print shorts will look good with anything (if you style them right, bien sûr !). They are perfect with a simple white men's shirt as Rumi, with a sporty twist like my dear Jen or with a simple blazer as worn by E.

Rumi Neely, Jen and E

The scarf print shorts are definitely my favorite, and the options are endless. If you're into DYI projects you can easily transform an old scarf into a cool pair of new shorts. Check out how to do it by following Geneva's tutorial here.

The scarf print trousers

I have talked about the silk trousers in the blog a few months ago so I don't need to tell you how much I like these. Wear them with a simple top and a leather jacket and you're good to go !

Jennifer, Charlotte and Audrey

The scarf print total look

The scarf print total look seems too risky in real life but on paper nothing can beat the head to toes foulard outfit worn by Kristin, right ?

Sources: Glamour FR (younglington) and Kristin in D&G

Now, if you are falling for this trend, I would recommend that you go for affordable pieces unless you're going for the scarf. I'm not sure that foulard print trousers and shorts will still look  very cool a few years from now so it's better not to invest your month's rent on a pair, right ? 

From left: silk scarf (topshop), green blouse (fleur b), silk trousers (goodnight macaroon),
scarf print shorts (river island) and studded slippers (river island)

What's your verdict, are you into this trend ?

As for me, I think I'm going to pass, or maybe I should use this as an excuse for splurging on an Hermès scarf which has been on my wishlist forever... Any thoughts ?

xx Marta
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  1. I like this trend but not in a total look and trousers.
    I could wear a scarf (I like te way to call it 'foulard' very pretty) or shorts :)
    Maybe when the sun will come ,)

    XO Jenn,

    1. Yes, I think shorts is a good idea too, but as you say we first need Summer which is a whole different story ...

  2. amazing!! I like your blog! I hope you'll visit mine

  3. Hi Olga, thanks for the comment, I will for sure visit your blog xx

  4. perso, ne suis pas fan, déjà pas fan de ce type de foulard, alors décliné... pas tentée du tout mais c est joli à regarder bises

    1. c'est clair comme avis ! moi, je ne suis pas si forte. je pense ne pas succomber, mais si je vois un beau short en soie imprimé Hermès je ne suis pas sûre de ne pas craquer ;) bises

  5. je pencherais plutot pour les blouses, bien plus facile à porter je trouve, comparé au pantalon par exemple, sinon les chaussures aussi !! bisous

    1. oui, la blouse a l'air assez facile à porter, une bonne option si elle est bon marché ;) xx

  6. j'aime bien la version pantalon !

  7. le pantalon c'est dreamy mais il faut pouvoir le porter. si tu craques fais-moi signe ;) xx


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