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August 25, 2012

The wonderful cut-off slippers by Jenni Kayne

Jayne Min from Stop it right now

Jenni Kayne

I only discovered these lovely shoes a few days ago on shopbop but quickly realised that they have been a hit in the US for some time (yes, american fellows, we are always behind you !). Let me tell you that for once I had a "love at first thight" kind of moment. And you know that this doesn't happen with me very often. I need to observe from every angle and ideally for a few days (or months when it comes to hidden-heel sneakers) before I entirely love someting. But with these Jenni Kayne slippers (or as they call them "D'Orsay flats") it was different, everything looked perfect at the first glance, except for the price that is (they are worth a pair of Pigalles, gloups...). Anyway, forget about that and enjoy looking at these babies, they look comfortable, stylish and different from the classic slippers seen everywhere. ME LOVES THEM in every color and material, take your pick !

Available here

So hey, Jenni Kayne, don't hesitate sending me a sample if you need help promoting your brand here in Europe, I would wear them 24:7 (yes, it's that easy !).

Take care lovelies and have a great weekend !!

xx Marta

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  1. Great post !!

    ✿✿ ✿✿

  2. Merci pour cette jolie découverte... Effectivement ces petits chaussons me donnent envie d'en porter mais vu le prix pour l'instant je me contenterai de les regarder :)

    Belle soirée, bises.

  3. Je suis comme toi, je les admire !! xx

  4. On dirait un peu des babouches, pointues comme ça! Bon il ne faut jamais dire jamais (cfr les chaussures d'astronaute), mais tant que maintenant je fais comme toi; je regarde.

    1. Je suis d accord, entre babouches et slippers, j adore ! xx

  5. oh I'd seen some bloggers wearing this type of shoes and liked them a lot... but I had no idea they were so expensive!
    Hope they take note of your offer and send you a pair :)

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