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September 18, 2012

Burberry Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Mea culpa. I promised myself I wouldn't review any summer/spring collections from ongoing Fashion Weeks. I always find it more appropriate for us "normal girls" to review current fall/winter trends given the fact that we are in September. That was until I saw Burberry's show. Well, it is not that my favorites Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang disappointed me, on the contrary. But the Burberry show was a real show, I didn't look at it to find my future season's wardrobe (although if Christopher Bailey wants to send me the crisp white trench coat worn by Cara Dellevigne, I promise I won't refuse) but I did enjoy its aesthetics and colors so much that I had to show you a sample. Plus, look at the stunning deep red colored lipstick on the models, me want NOW !

Enjoy !

Burberry Spring Summer 2013 collection (source:

Check out the entire collection on

xx Marta

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  1. Oh Marta, you are going to despair of me. The first picture I saw reminded me immediately of a tin of Quality Street i.e. a tin of assorted chocs in multi coloured wrappers which has a tradition of making an appearance in people's homes over the Christmas period. I personally like the green triangles ;o)

  2. Now that you said it, I see a box of Quality Street too ! If I remember correctly I loved the orange ones ;) xx

  3. How impressive. Talk about a feast for the eyes! I love all the colours, shimmer and texture, although not all would suit my lifestyle what beautiful creations to look at. That cream trench coat, hell all the trench coats I just adore!

    xx Mandi

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