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September 8, 2012

My DIY gold boots

My DYI gold boots - New Look boots painted with gold spray paint
Ever since I saw my friend C wearing Russel & Bromley's* Dicker look-a-like gold boots a few months ago I have been dreaming of gold boots. And when I say dreaming, I mean obsessing. I searched for a while but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. It isn't easy to find a pair of gold boots which doesn't look cheap or costs a fortune, this I can say for sure. And when you don't find what you look for, what do you do ? Yes, baby, you do it yourself !

I found a DIY project which looked ridiculosly simple and I decided to give it a try. In the end I was happy with the resultat but I had to use 3 different bottles of spray paint to find the perfect color. I think that they don't look so bad and with bare legs the color is really nice. But I admit, although I fulfilled my obsession (which is a good thing, if you know what I mean), but I don't know how many times I will be wearing these...

Brand new New Look ankle boots and the first bottle of spray paint

First attempt - I thought I had ruined the boots...
Final result - Idea spray color "or pale"
If you like the look of gold boots but if you find the DYI idea completely stupid unrrealistic, check out some ready-to-wear alternatives.

From left: Giuseppe Zanotti snake effect ankle boots (net-a-porter), lamé boots (christian louboutin), western
 ankle boots (maje), biker boots (jimmy choo), chelsea boots (sacha), Sam Edelman fringed ankle boots (heels)

How about you my lovelies, are you for the gold boots or not ?

xx Marta

*Check out C's boots on Marlene's blog (she spotted them too!)
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  1. Ooooh I love that you did that. I bought those exact boots in black but sent them back as I don't get on very well with black boots (dark grey okay but not true black suede). I can't believe you sprayed them - but they look good from where I am reading. They have a slightly distressed effect to them too. I thought you were starting off with the tan ones that New Look did - not black - that is probably what made the job a bit harder. I have to admit, i would probably have given up after the first can.

    I like the Jimmy Choo ones. Big sigh.

    1. I chose the black ones on purpose, I wanted to go for rhe distressed look with the black underneath. They are definitely not perfect but they are fun for a special day or a night out. to tell you the truth I almost gave up at the end of each can :)) xx

  2. woww i love the result, they look fantastic! <3

    Pumps & Kicks


  3. Il fallait oser, quand même! Mais c'est réussi.

    1. Le risque etait minime, j ai achete ces bottes rien que pour ça ! xx

  4. C'est top ! ahah je vais m'empresser d'aller acheter une bombe pailletée :)
    Bises à bientôt !

    1. ah merci ! tu me montreras le résultat ? xx

  5. Coucou Marta !
    Tu vas bien ?
    Je voulais te remercier, car grâce à toi, j'avais acheté ce fameux pantalon noir chez Mango. Il est super confortable et chic, je me réjouis de le porter.
    Trop génial tes bottes, je n'aurais pas osé le faire... j'ai vu des boots dorées chez Maje à midi de la nouvelle collection.
    Permets-moi encore de te demander un petit conseil : j'hésite à acheter le chemisier Isabel Marant que tu portes sur ton Instagram (le même que Clara mais le tiens est écru). Comme il est transparent, est-ce que tu le portes avec un top dessous ou avec un sous-vêtement couleur "chair" cela va bien ?
    Merci de tes conseils belle Marta !
    A bientôt Bisous

    1. Merci Sylvie, tes commentaies sont toujours un plaisir ! LEs bottes Maje sot magnifiques, j'ai failli craquer mais je pense que c'est envie de bottes dorées va vite me passer ;)
      Ce chemisier Isabel Marant est magnifique, lorsque je l'ai essayé la première fois je n'ai pas adoré mais ça a vite passé, il est vraiment superbe. Je trouve qu'il n'est pas trop transparent, avec un sous-vêtement chair c'est parfait. je te souhaite de beaux achats ;) xx
      ps: tu as un pseudo sur instagram ? j'aimerais te suivre aussi !

  6. og la la elles sont super belles! et tu me donnes tres envie d'aller chez new look!!!!!
    j'adore el resultat.

  7. I absolutely love the finished effect and colour you achieved even far more than the designers ones! You've definitely ended up with the perfect boot. Not too glitzy but gorgeous gold so nice and rare. Well very rare since they are now one off's. I wouldn't be game to give this a try. I don't think I have the skills to pull it off :)

    xx Mandi

  8. they look quite nice ;) i remember spray painting on suede once, it seemed to absorb everything so i coated the surface with clear t-shirt paint (those acrylic based ones that was really popular in the 90s to scribble on clothes) - i sandpapered some parts of it down (for that distressed look too) before i sprayed them and the colour was a lot more intense!

    steph /


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xx Marta