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October 31, 2012

Instagram love - My month in pictures - October

October is over and for that I'm grateful. Although it was a good month, it has probably been the craziest month of the year for me. A (very very very very !) busy month at work didn't leave me much time for anything else. I was able to go back to Copenhagen and Vienna, two cities that I adore and can visit over and over without ever getting tired of. It was also my older son's third birthday which is why I was also busy baking birthday cakes for his two parties. It was a lot of fun and he enjoyed them very much but again, it kept me busy.

I hope you had a good (and less busy) month !

xx Marta
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  1. Brilliant collection of photo's Marta! Very inspiring. I hope you manage to get a bit of down time although Copenhagen and Vienna must have been amazing! Enjoy your weekend.

    xx Mandi

  2. Thanks Mandi. I did, I spent a week home with the kids and as good as new :) have a grea weekend ! xx

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