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November 22, 2012

Céline "All soft" and Saint Laurent "Classic Duffle" - the next It bags ?

Only time will tell what will be the next It bag but two new bags caught my attention and I seriously think they are worth paying attention to.

The first is the "All soft" from Céline's Spring 2013 (= Resort in Céline words) collection and because I'm currently obsessed with ALL Céline bags I couldn't miss the latest addition. I haven't seen it in real life nor even on a movie star or a hype blogger so it's rather difficult to say if I really love it or simply like it, but the mix of colors, soft leather and clean angles is already very appealing to yours truly.

ph credit: Céline

The second one is the "Classic Duffle" from Saint Laurent 2013 collection and it comes in three size. It is part of the first accessories line of the Saint Laurent house after the name change. I wasn't very enthousiastic about the name change, it sounded like a "trying to forget Yves" kind of move (which actually was) and that didn't sound fair. But okay, if Saint Laurent will continue to inspire us I'll hold my grudge. The handbags collection is plain and simple with obviously no big "Y"s displayed everywhere as older YSL bags have. The Classic duffle is not really a new design, many brands have their version of the duffle bag and they are all quite similar, but the Saint Laurent inscription is a first and just because of that this bag will be a show stopper. Check out what the experts have to say about the It bag potential of the classic duffle: here and here.

ph credit: Saint Laurent

I like these two bags but I don't adore them, at least not yet. Plus, I'm very bad at predicting this kind of things, I'm usually a follower, not a trendsetter (#guilty).

But I'm very curious to know your opinion my lovely readers, do you think that any of these two will become the next It bag ?

xx Marta
sources:, www.nymag/thecut
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  1. deux pièces qui manquent à ma collection !
    des bises

    1. et pourtant ta collectio est bien remplie ;) xx

  2. Le Saint Laurent est juste MAGNIFIQUE ! Je ne pourrais même pas me décider pour un coloris... Tous super beaux ! ;-)

    Des bises !

    1. le rouge, le rouge, le rouge !!!! xx

  3. They are both great, but I think the color-block celine bag is my fav.


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