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November 21, 2012

Fall Winter 2012 Trends - Oversize

Fall Winter 2012 Ready-to-wear - Jil Sander and Céline (

Oversize, oversize... Oversize is a perfect example of how fashion works. You see something new which you don't necessarily like but after seeing it for a while your eyes adjust and suddenly it is like it was always there. If you saw a girl on the street wearing an oversized coat two years ago you would probably assume that she was wearing her mother's 80s coat (and that wasn't a good thing). Now, you will probably think that she looks great and you will ask her the brand of her coat, right ?

Fall Winter 2012 Ready-to-wear - Comme des Garçons and Balenciaga (

Fall Winter 2012 Ready-to-wear - Chloé and Sportmax (

Fall Winter 2012 Ready-to-wear - Hermès and Gucci (

Probably not the most flattering trend, nor the easiest to wear in real life because let's be honest, there is a thin line between looking straight from Céline's catwalk and from a bad 80s movie, but if you can pull this one you really can be the coolest girl on the block.

For a safe try out, go with Mango's mega popular oversized coat with contrasting sleeves (all the hype bloggers have one) or even safer, go with a crisp white or denim oversized shirt. They are loose but not shockingly loose.

contrasting sleeves coat (mango), ecru coat (topshop), white shirt (zara), denim shirt (topshop)

As for me, I'm loving it, a well-cut oversized coat is on my list already and I cannot stop wearing the hubby's sweaters.

How about, what's on your list or closet already ?

xx Marta

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  1. Coucou Marta,
    Super article!!! J'adore, j'adore quand tu nous fais des revues de tendances. Toujours aussi pointu.
    Tu vas pas le croire, mais j'en avais un en préparation sur l'oversize ;-).

    Top sélection. Je pense que j'aurais craqué sur le manteau de Mango s'il était uni.

    xx Yeba

  2. merci poulette, toujours au top de la gentillesse, bizzzz

  3. j'adore le blouson chloé, le bleu canard, c'est bien mon genre !! du coup l'oversize revient à la mode, c'est sympa :) bisous

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