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November 18, 2012

The object of my affection - Alaïa lace-up sandals

I cannot imagine any shoe that is sexier than the lace-up sandals from Azzedine Alaïa. Take them studded, with eyelets or plain, they are the ultimate statement shoe, you don't need much else to sexify any look If you don't believe my word, look at the pictures.
source: Jak & Jil
The lovely Mandi and her white studded sandals and the sweet Soraya and her dreamy black with eyelets sandals 
The ultra trendies Evangelie and wearing the studded version
The beyond gorgeous Barbara Martelo and Taylor Tomasi Hill

Now if you ask me where to find these babies, for once I'll have to say that I don't know. In fact, they are not new (they are originally from 2008 or 2009) and although they have recently be seen on The Outnet I wouldn't bet for them being available online soon. And in fact, I hope it stays that way, I don't want any of you girls to be do anything crazy*...

As for me, I'll keep on dreaming... Have a great week !

xx Marta

*the Alaïa lace-up sandals are a too expensive dream (If you think in the Isabel Marant sneakers scale, let's say that you could buy about 4 pairs for the retail price of the Alaïa lace-up sandals. Gloups)

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  1. When Mandi first posted the picture of the white ones, I thought "really?" and then she styled them and I was like "REALLY!!!" Love them!

  2. I love these in the black, and those girls wear them so well. I know what you mean about them being pricey, I was so close to buying a pair of Alaia sandals when I was in LA until I saw the price tag, and they were on sale too eep!

  3. Looooove them plain, babe... Elles ressemblent un peu à mes manolos préférées du monde entier....

    Effectivement, dur dur de résister ;-)

    Je les ai déjà vues, ds un grand maga mais je ne sais plus si c'est HV, Harrod's, Selfridges, Printemps ou Galeries...

  4. I actually found mine on a super sale (they had to be) in a store in Melbourne that still had a few left from years ago. Woo hoo! I guess the retail price ensured that some would remain to hit multiple price reductions. Alaia at full price is definitely a bank breaking venture. Thanks for the feature Marta!

    xx Mandi

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  6. thanks for sharing some of your favorite shoes! do you have a pair of them?

  7. I noticed that the shoes on you are not new, and they are originally from 2008 or 2009. But nevertheless, I like all of them.

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