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November 15, 2012

The perfect black blazer

Columbine wearing Theyskens' Theory blazer

Every girl needs (at least) one perfect black blazer in her wardrobe. If perfectly tailored, I really believe that it can last long and it will never go out of style. A black blazer looks good with everything and will complete any look and make it more appropriate for work or to go out. And this is why I love blazers in general, they are a must for every working girl.

Ekaterina Mukhine on Stockholm Streetstyle and Emmanuelle Alt

I have to be honest with you, I haven't found the perfect black blazer. Or let me put it differently, I haven't found the perfect blazer for my budget. But I'm looking. Constantly looking. I have many black blazers (4 if I remember correctly), but none of them is really ideal. I had very high hopes for the IRO Asella jacket which I recently bought on The Outnet, but it was quite a disappointement, the fit is strange on me, not awful but far from perfect.

For the moment I'm eyeing these for inspiration.

And for you, what is the perfect black blazer ?

Please do share if you have found a real gem...

xx Marta

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  1. I hear ya, a black blazer would be a staple. I don't have any in my closet, but have started casually looking for one!

  2. Hi Deidre, I think you need it, let me know what you find :) xx

  3. je l'ai cherché lontemps vraiment !!! et le mien est un blazer smoking monoprix payé un truc comme 13,99 euro :)

  4. First picture is great !
    Kiss !


  5. I actually picked up a black blazer last season from Cue (Australia brand) and I love it! Especially because the lining is so gorgeous, makes rolling the sleeves so much nicer!

  6. J'ai trouvé le mien il y a des années chez Cameleon... Un Tara Jarmon soldé à 70%!! C'est d'ailleurs la seule vraie bonne affaire que j'ai fait chez Cameleon!! ;)

  7. Les Céline sont splendides, en particulier le 1er ...

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