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December 2, 2012

Instagram love - My month in pictures - November

November was a good month, I got a (very) cool pair boots, I found the nicest army shirt and I've decided what I want for Christmas, the Céline mini-luggage in black. The only problem being is that I might not get my hands on one before Christmas 2013 (did you know that this bag can be harder to get than a Kelly bag ???). Anyway, I'll keep you posted, it's a promise.

I hope you had a good month and that you're all set for the holidays. I know I'm not, but a little trip to London next week might help...

xx Marta
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  1. Great pics!
    Love the boots and classic pieces.
    Good luck with the luggage. :)


  2. Yesterday, I tried to take a picture of my outfit, but it doesn't work... Now, I know why: next times, I'll stand in front of a mirror, it should be easier ! (I have my Iphone for one month now, so I'm still discovering all the functions !).

    Really nice instagram pics, love it ;)

  3. j'adore tes photos et tes bottes marantes, tu devrais trouver le celine assez facilement en France dans les grands magasins ou avenue Louise à Bruxelles dans un magasin dont j'ai oublié le nom ou en VAD chez Celine direct, bises

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