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December 9, 2012

The busy lady

Jessica and her Clare Vivier clutch

In case you were wondering, I'm still here but simply less present on the blogosphere. The problem is that mixing a full time job, a family and a blog is not always easy, and when a chronic fatigue is added on top it can only mean that one of these three has to suffer. As you can imagine dropping work or the kids is no option, so bare with me my lovelies if you miss my fantastic sense of style (mmm), be patient and everything will go back to normal. I should quickly catch up hopefully better than before, stay tuned and thanks for passing by.

xx Marta

Ps: No direct connection between this picture and the post, this is just my way to say that I need a similar clutch to look professional in meetings, every day I feel ridiculous with my 80s notebook and pen...
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  1. Soigne-toi bien et reviens vite en pleine forme !!


  2. That picture is great. The clutch is even better.
    Hope you find rest.


  3. beau tee shirt ça le coup de la fatigue et du mal à gérer le tout je comprends bien, repose toi et bonne journée à toi bises


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