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February 9, 2013

2013 Trends - Espadrilles

Aimee from Song of Style wearing her Chanel espadrilles in May 2012

If you're right in the middle of winter like me and if your daily shoes look more like Sorel boots than a pair of Havaianas then the thought of wearing espadrilles is very far to say the least. But a girl can dream about warmer days and summer shoes, right ?

Espadrilles are not really a new trend but this year there is no way you can escape from them, so my advice is: start preparing. You probably haven't missed the famous Chanel espadrilles seen all around on the blogosphere since a while back (on the girls who can afford them), but there are a thousand more alternatives to choose from. I'm myself more into the Valentino espadrilles than the Chanel (delicate lace on beach-style espadrilles, what is there not to like ?) but I will definitely not invest so much in a pair of beach shoes. Let's be honest, no matter how glamorous designers can make them look, that's what they are, beach shoes.

Here is my first selection, see for yourself and tell me what your favorite is !

From top left: leopard pony hair (Céline), red lace (Valentino), black lace (Valentino), zig-zag print (Missoni), ikat print (Soludos), dot print (little marcel), pastel blue (Havaianas), neon yellow (Stella Mccartney), neon pink (Stella Mccartney)

In the meantime, have a great weekend.

xx Marta
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  1. I'm really into the idea of wearing espadrilles for everyday. Sincerely Jules has made me lust after her Chanel pair, so it's a hope one day I can get my hands on a pair! Otherwise... I have Celine and Valentino dreams.. ;)

  2. Salut Marta !
    Les espadrilles, j'en mettais quand j'étais petite et c'est drôle comme la mode n'est finalement qu'un éternel recommencement...j'aime énormément les Chanel vues un peu partout sur la blogo, je les trouve classe, même avec ce logo très marqué, mais je n'investirai pas non plus pour des chaussures en toile, des chaussures de plage comme tu dis. En Suisse aussi l'été passe si vite...
    Bonne journée et des bisous,

  3. The chanel one : little dream !


    Coline !

  4. Ohlàlà, ces espadrilles dentelle, comme elles sont jolies. Mais qd je vois à quel point une espadrille peut s'abimer vite (j'en achète une paire chaque été), je ne mettrai jamais un prix pareil, toutes belles soient-elles.

  5. I would die if Chanel espadrilles were in my wardrobe. Classic Chanel can never go wrong.

  6. Love chanel espadrilles! Need to get myself a pair of those!

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