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March 10, 2013

The checkerboard Vs the plaid stilettos

 Checkerboard stilettos available here and plaid stilletos here

Hard to choose between these two more than perfect stilettos from Dries Van Noten. Seen on the 2013 Spring Summer runway show and probably the most versatile print shoes ever made, the question is "how to resist them ?".  Specially when they are both available online...

SS 2013 Dries Van Noten (

Have a great week !

xx Marta

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  1. Definitely checkerboard for me - and about resisting them - don't - it's too hard and takes too much energy. Giving in and buying them is soo much easier ;)

  2. Maybe I should follow your advice... ;) checkerboard for me too !! xx

  3. Rhaaa les chemises à carreaux en soie de Dries, sont canons. Me damnerais pour une pareille.

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