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March 21, 2013

The ladylike Saffiano Lux tote

A black Saffiano and  Sunyoung Jang and her beige Saffiano
I have always considered the all-time classic Saffiano Lux tote from Prada as being exactly that, too classic. Plus the ladylike vibe is not something I am usually drawn too. Well, that was until I spend 10 days in Hong-Kong where I realized that not liking this bag is just silly. It's probably the fact that I saw one every 5 minutes (the Saffiano tote is definitely the most popular bag on the streets of Hong-Kong) and on very different girls with very different styles and for some reason I felt that this bag suited them all. Therefore I decided that I like the classic feeling of this bag and I'm sure that if I get one it will last forever.

Now, there is no need to empty your bank account, I found the perfect copy at H&M, 100% leather. I need to see it in real life, but if I do I might not resist its perfect blush color...

H&M leather bag and Prada Saffiano tote

How about you, do you like this style ?

xx Marta

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  1. Indeed, it's a divine bag! The proportions are just perfect and it's just the right size to be ladylike. Haven't seen the H&M one yet. Sometimes these bags look great on picture and in store it's a different thing. We'll have to see about that one.
    Catherine xo

  2. Superbe le Saffiano beige ;-), mais j'avoue que la version H&M lui est très ressemblante, avec un joli coloris idéal pour les beaux jours ! ;-) Bonne journée !

    Des bises!

  3. Personally, I really like this bag, and it's my hope eventually I'll get one - it seems like the ideal structured bag for the office. I like the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap too - added bonus. I saw a girl wearing one yesterday and couldn't help but be envious!

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