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March 23, 2013

The striped wrap blouse and the checked shirt

Striped blouse and checked shirt

The best way to update a wardrobe is probably by getting a few "on trend" tops to wear with any of the basic pieces in your closet. At least to me, when I'm bored with my wardrobe a new blouse is enough to get me excited again. This season I found two from Zara which I really like: the "oh-so-popular" striped silk blouse, perfectly cut and right on the black & white trend and a checked sheer shirt, totally Dries Van Noten-inspired. I got them both.

How about you, how do you update your wardrobe every season ?

xx Marta
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  1. I ordered the check one as I was so excited when it came in (all Dries inspired and all that) but ultimately had to return it as I didn't get on with the front drape - it never quite fell right on me. Such a shame because I love the colours and the cut. Hope it's good for you.

  2. I hhave to say I'm quite tempted by that Zara shirt, but not quite sure I would get enough wear out of it to 'add it to cart'. I'm still at a place where I'm trying to hash out all the basics that I require, although I generally try and buy one novel thing per season (usually much more).

  3. L'isnpiration "Dries" me fait de l'oeil. L'originale est inabordable, mais si belle.

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