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May 29, 2013

Furry sandals

Jayne and her Céline sandals

If there was a blogger I would have imagined wearing furry sandals in real life, that would have been Jayne for sure. As soon as these Céline furry Birkenstock-style sandals walked down the runway back in September 2012 the controversy around them has never really stopped. Must have or make it stop (I'm sorry for stealing your line, Fashion Police), the fashion world seems to be confused between loving them and hating (even Garance Doré experienced some sort of confusion very recently).

Céline 2013 Spring collection (

Are they beautiful ? No. Are they comfortable ? Most probably. Did they create a buzz ? They sure did. But I admit, I am not confused, I love these Céline sandals very much (seriously) and would love to see these furry babies replacing my (too) old Ugg slippers which I wear all year round (you know that in Brussels we don't really have summer, right ?). They seem super comfy and the perfect solution for my all-day-long literally cold feet. Now, would I wear them on the streets in real life ? Not so sure...

Next to the furry Céline version, I have been seeing more and more Birkenstock-inspired sandals around. I love the zebra-print sandals worn by Lucy, but to be honest I'm not a fan of the the too obvious Birkenstock sandals.

Lucy and her zebra-print Zara sandals and Labériane and her real Birkentock

How about you, what are your thoughts on Céline furry sandals and Birkenstock ?

xx Marta

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  1. The Celine sandals aren't really for me (nor were any of the shoes that season actually) but I do love then on Jayne. They look so good on her. As for birkenstocks, I know these are the perfect travel shoe - some of the styles are quite chic too x


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