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May 8, 2013

The suit

Mira Duma, Caroline Issa and a beautiful stranger (help me out here!) - credit: Stockholm Streetstyle and TrendyCrew

As a working girl myself I was happy to discover the days when women realized that work-appropriate clothes didn't mean having to wear a suit every day. I have had my share of suits in the past but I have to admit that that period of my fashion-loving life was very boring. The creativity I used back than to come up with an outfit was only about choosing a blouse or to decide whether to wear a pinstripe trousers suit or a knee-skirt suit. Yes, it was that bad. You can imagine my panic attack when I started sensing that the suit was back, and apparently to stay. But like everything in fashion, what goes around comes around,with a twist. The twist being the colors (lots of color), the whites, the prints and the cuts. I'm guessing that the suit will not be as boring this time around...

White Stella Mccartney suit, Blue Chloè suit, red Stella Mccartney suit, Helmut Lang suit (Matchesfashion)

Hot pink suit and checked suit from Zara, baby pink suit from Mango

Happy long weekend to the lucky ones !

xx Marta
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  1. I love the red Stella and the baby pink Mango. You give great ideas on this page :-)

  2. Quand je travaillais à Bxl, j'ai fait une overdose de blazers. Donc, je n'en ai plus achaté. Mais j'avoue qu'un blazer crème ça me tenterais bien.
    Bon point pour le Mango poudré.

  3. I actually love suits. It was the one outfit that made me feel confident. These days, I had to swap the pants with jeans.


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