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June 5, 2013

Best mirrored sunglasses under 100 €

Jony and her Bidutchy sunglasses

You probably didn't miss the colored mirrored sunglasses trend, but one question remains: did you fall for it yet ? I personally find this trend super fun for summer as these sunnies definitely scream sea, sand and coktails surf. The problem that I have is that a pair of mirrored sunglasses is most probably not going to last a lifetime so although I always invest in good sunglasses I'm not willing to do the same for mirrored sunglasses. I've been looking for affordable (but still acceptable) options and this what I found after browsing online stores and checking a few blogs (fashion blogs are so useful ^-^).

black sunglasses (essentiel), blue sunglasses (oakley), yellow and clear sunglasses (le specs) pink and clear sunglasses (madewell),  green sunglasses (carrera, 25% off with code SUN25WW), mirrored sunglasses (le specs)

My favorites are the Oakley and the Carrera, what are yours ?

xx Marta
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  1. jolie selection :)

    Un très bon weekend :)


    Coline ♡

  2. Wearing safely glasses you will not only improve your eyesight, but you will also add to your personal style with them. I am convinced that by now you have seen a lot of people wearing them and that you have been very much impressed with the way they looked with them on. Website


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