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June 13, 2013

Lasts a lifetime #1

Balenciaga City bag available here

As opposed to my "best of budget" blog posts where I refer to cheap, disposable but cool pieces, with the "lasts a lifetime" blog posts I want to share with you my favorite long-lasting, expensive but worth-every-euro pieces (these will be either in my wardrobe or on my wishlist, obviously ^-^).

No surprise that the first item here is my all-time favorite black Balenciaga City bag, mine is over 4 years and good as new.

xx Marta
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  1. Lucky you, I've seen horror stories where Bal bags faded significant shades lighter in a relatively short span of time.

  2. Mine is black and hasn't really changed since the first day, and I'm not very careful with it ;) xx

  3. I love this new feature - love the Bal city with the giant hardware, although other purchases just seem to keep getting in the way..


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