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June 21, 2013

The dollar bill print from Acne

Charlotte and Chiara

Okay, it has been a while since I last talked about something that I didn't like so much. Actually, I have been mostly blogging about things that I love and have bought or are at the point of buying. I have to admit that it is much easier to do than rather than being more objective about what I don't really like.

Now this dollar bill print is just, how to put it mildly... awful. I don't see how someone would like to wear this except on a photo shoot if you want to be different, like top notch fashion bloggers who need to come up with different outfits all the time (I get it, this is not as easy as it seems). Yes, this print is definitely different from anything else. But in real life, would you really wear it ? Come on, really ?

But hey, if you love it you're super lucky because the blazer and trousers are on sale, 40% off.

Acne blazer and trousers

It is not the first that I mention Acne on not so positive blog posts but hey, Acne Studios are risk takers, you either love or hate what they do. By the way, remember the Alice shoes ?

Have a great weekend !

xx Marta
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