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July 29, 2013

The cream sweater

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If I had to choose one piece to add to my wardrobe for fall/winter, it would have to be a cream sweater (to join my collection). I'm not sure exactly which one but I do have some very specific requirements; the color needs to be between off-white or nude, it has to be made of wool (some sort of wool, I'm not difficult), the style must be relaxed but not too much and the knit thread needs to be on the thicker side. I am totally lusting over Vanessa Bruno's sweater available in both off-white and blush pink which perfectly fulfills all my requirements, the only problem will be to pick the right color (plus the fact that for the price of this sweater I can get myself a new pair of Louboutins, but that's just a tiny detail).

I think that a light colored sweater will look great with leather leggings (yes, but what doesn't look good with leather leggings ?) and pointy heels and I wouldn't mind wear such an outfit right about now... When is fall again ?

xx Marta
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