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Nails inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm obsessed with nails. Here you can find a selection of my favorite nail colors. Enjoy !

Essie "Liquorice" and "Matte about you" top coat

Dior "Apparat"

NCLA "Rock solid"

NCLA "Call me for the after party"

Essie "Stylenomics"
Essie "fishnet stockings"
Nude ombre nails

Chanel "Black Pearl" with matte coat

Dior "Perfecto"

Chanel "Blue satin"

Chanel "Vertigo"

Maybelline "Dark Chocolate"
Chanel "Frenzy"
Essie "peach daquiri" and Chanel "Quartz"

Chanel "Riviera"

Loreal "Lush tangerine"
YSL gris deco
Black & glitter nails
YSL Majorelle
Essie Sweet talker
Candy colored nails
Mavala "Lemon Cream"

NCLA "Bel-Air trophy wife"

Essie Orange It's obvious

NCLA Psychedelic Vinyl 

Essie Cute as a button
Essie Coktail Bling

Chanel Blue Satin

Essie Nice is Nice

Opi Atomic Orange

Essie Big Spender
NCLA Poolside Party All eyes on me

Chanel June

NCLA The Ray and the Ro

Chanel Particliere and Essie Brooch the Subject

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie Limo Scene

Opi Cajun Shrimp

NCLA Bel-Air trophy wife

Dior Perfecto and NCLA black glitter tips

NCLA Electro

Chanel Quartz
OPI A grape fit

Dior waterlilly

Chanel May

Givenchy Nuit Celeste and gold leo wraps

NCLA Rush hour
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Emily, I love it too, it's really a gorgeous color. Thanks for passing by :)

  2. very nice nail! do u mind tell me what app do you use to create the light glare effect? I hope you know what i'm talking about. lol It's on #1 and 2 picture..

    1. Hi dear, thanks for droping by again ;) I use picfx, great app !! xx

  3. thanks marta! again, nice nail arts! They are very lovely. :)

  4. Hello Marta,
    Je viens de découvrir cette nouvelle section, j'adore!!!
    Je suis fan de l'atomic orange d'OPI. Merci pour l'inspiration :-)

  5. Merci ma belle, l'atomic orange ressemble un peu au vernis que tu avais hier, non ? bizz xx

  6. le bleu majorelle de YSL est vraiment canonissime... la bague YSL aussi :D

    1. ce bleu est à tomber, je craque (d'où mon prochain post, tu verras :)
      et la bague à l'évidence est un de mes meilleurs achats, elle va avec tout et dans n'importe quel occasion :)

  7. Hi Marta,

    How did you do the gold leo wraps?? Those are awesome!!


  8. thanks :) the gold leo are wraps from Nail Rock bought on topshop xx

  9. OMG, These are amazing, Marta!! So impressed! I can't even paint in a straight line.

  10. Wow - that's a lot of nail varnish! I thought I had a big bags worth but mine are all variations on the same colour which is very boring. Like Marlene above - I can't paint in a straight line either so I never do hands - just toes where I can use my right hand.


Thank you for passing by and taking the time to write a comment, I really appreciate it !
xx Marta